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  FEBRUARY 2015 Newsletter


Whether it's headlines about data security or debates about homeland security, it's hard not to be reminded every day that we live in a tremendously insecure world.  

Being in the business of hosted events, we at BE know just how insecure things can feel. We’ve dealt with power outages, keynote speaker food poisoning, failed delivery of thousands of pieces of marketing materials—all things that were completely out of our control, yet 100 percent our responsibility to manage. 

This is what business executives—especially technology leaders—face on the job. The threat of a data breach is constant, and IT is responsible for protecting the business against that threat, even though the causes of the breach are often outside of IT’s control. Over in Marketing, the need to implement technology systems to ensure customer confidence is more pressing than ever. Yet, most marketers have little understanding of how to make that happen. 

I live on a boat. Not a fancy yacht, but a lean catamaran that, if needed, could be a self-contained vessel for living off the grid for months at a time. This approach to living is my way to create security in an insecure world: I have designed a system that lets me control all the inputs, even when the outcomes are uncertain.

In the same way, this month’s newsletter offers ideas for business leaders to put in place the systems that give them greater control and stronger security, in order to influence better outcomes in the enterprise.

Few things in life are certain. But I am confident that the offerings we’re sharing will connect you with people who can make your work-life more productive and more secure. 

Thanks for reading. Peace.




From Target to Sony Pictures to Anthem Healthcare, data security—and its role within overall IT governance and management—is making headlines (and making many CIOs reach for the Rolaids). With this in mind, we’re offering a host of new tools and strategies for solving the IT management and security challenge. 

Although security won’t be the only topic of discussion in the boardrooms at the Midmarket CIO Forum this April 19-21 in Orlando, it is weighing heavily on the minds of CIOs in our network, including Joel Wolfe, an advisory board member of Midmarket CIO Forum and Vice President of Information Services at J-W Energy. Along with Boardroom Events President Charles Badoian, Joel will lead a webinar on February 26 about the biggest security challenges facing senior IT executives in the midmarket, as well as strategies to tackle data security across the enterprise. Click here to register.

Securing data assets also will be the focus of our first-ever executive leadership workshop, which we’re holding on the heels of the Midmarket CIO Forum, on April 22, at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL. Patrick Barry, Risk Compliance and Services Manager of Computer Services, Inc., and Harrison Lewis, CIO of Northgate Markets, will lead the discussion, with our own Charles Badoian moderating. We’re offering early bird pricing at $795—$200 off the full price—until March 31, 2015. Register here.

One of our valued Midmarket CIO Forum partners - InfoTech, a leading IT strategy research firm - is making its IT Management & Governance Diagnostic tool available to IT leaders in the BE family. We’ve been hearing that the tool is phenomenal, and we’re pleased to share access to it with you. Let us know what you think!


It’s hard to miss the headlines about CMOs spending more on technology than CIOs by 2017. Analysts and talking heads alike have been speculating about what this means: will the CIO report to the CMO? Will a new CMIO position emerge as the most powerful member of the C-suite next to the CEO? How will the CIO maintain control over the stack when marketing technologies are plugged into it?

We’re in the business of helping people find answers, not just asking questions. So we’ve launched the Midmarket CMO Forum, an exclusive gathering based on the proven Midmarket CIO and Enterprise Mobility forums. We’ll be helping CMOs tackle the technology challenges of both the present and the future, and helping solution providers align their offerings with those of CMOs eager to solve business challenges with the right technologies. We’re thrilled to add this forum to our portfolio, and look forward to the insights it will foster.

As part of the Midmarket CMO Forum on July 13-15, 2015 in Orlando, we’re partnering with Demand Metric, a global marketing technology research and analysis firm. Demand Metric has put together a simple but powerful survey to gather feedback from CMOs about their technology investment priorities—and attendees of the Forum will get the first look at the results. Check out some of Demand Metric's recent research reports here




We are very pleased to announce an addition to the BE team: Katherine Busey has joined as director of business development. Katherine has been a part of the extended BE family for many years, starting with her role as Program Director at Gartner, where Charles first pioneered the hosted forum concept.

In her new role, she’ll be helping uncover and make the most of new business opportunities, including the development of new offerings like the executive leadership workshop we’re debuting in April. Please join us in welcoming Katherine to the team.



Upcoming Forums


Midmarket CIO Forum
April 19-21, 2015                                 

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress             
Orlando, FL                                          


Midmarket CMO Forum
July 13-15, 2015                                 

Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa             
Orlando, FL                                          


Enterprise Mobility Forum
October 18-20, 2015                                 

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines             
Austin, TX                                          


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